Will Apple Adopt USB Type-C for All Its Hardware Moving Forward?


Not too long ago, Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pro lineup, which includes a Touch Bar and . . . not much else.

Apple is a company that will continue to do what it wants, what it feels is right (for a variety of different reasons, both internal and external), and for the folks who buy Apple products, we have to make a decision with each new product whether or not their strategy is in line with ours.

I still believe that Apple entrenched itself in its worst habits with the MacBook Pro this year, and, even worse, its dialogue after the unveiling. But the truth of it is that Apple has a plan, and it’s up to us as customers to determine if we’re on board with it or not.

We don’t have to buy whatever Apple releases, and Apple can release whatever they want.

Apple says that USB Type-C is basically going to be ubiquitous in five years, and that’s why the new MacBook Pro is only outfitted with USB C ports, much to the chagrin (at the time) of potential owners. (I think it’s safe to say the battery issues have eclipsed any problems with USB C-only ports at this point.) Apple isn’t wrong with this assumption, of course, even if I would argue that five years is a long time to be ahead of the curve, especially at the expense of ports that are ubiquitous right now.

But I don’t think right now is Apple’s issue, and their heavy lifting is still waiting in the wings. Apple launched the first 12-inch MacBook over a year ago, with its single USB Type-C port, and made a new version, with the same single port, earlier this year. And now the new MacBook Pro lineup only has USB C as well. And rumor has it that future iMacs, maybe released in the early part of 2017, are going to have USB Type-C ports, too.

So, where do Apple’s mobile devices fit in this scheme?

At this point, I think one has to expect Apple to break its trend of proprietary peripherals and just go with USB C with its future products. The new iPad Pro lineup, expected to arrive in the early stages of 2017, should adopt USB C, and if they don’t, Apple’s making even more user-hostile moves.

The same can be said for the iPhone lineup, maybe even more so. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still ridiculous that you can’t connect the new iPhone (launched in September) to the new MacBook Pro (launched in November) without a dumb dongle, but if that’s still the case in 2017 — and beyond — then we’ve stepped across the line of ridiculous and made our way well into the territory of unacceptable.

Apple adopting USB Type-C in all of its products moving forward (like the AirPods charging case!) is common sense, but, as we’ve seen over the years, Apple’s common sense is quite different than what we all might expect it to be. Apple will continue to do its own thing, and there’s one unarguable part of all this: Apple loves its proprietary technology and accessories.

As is par for the course, it’s not all that easy to read the tea leaves when it comes to Apple, but we can hope it goes one way over another. Do you think Apple is going to adopt USB Type-C for its mobile products, or all of its hardware, moving forward?