Apple AirPods Teardown Reveals Tiny Battery and Components, No Scope for Repairability

Just a day after Apple’s AirPods went on sale, the folks over at iFixit have done a detailed teardown of them revealing their innards.

The teardown reveals that each AirPods weighs only 4gms and come with separate model numbers. As for the charging case, it weighs in at 38gms and features a 398mAh battery.

Tearing down the AirPods is not an easy task and requires the use of heat along with a knife and an opening pick. Like the Apple Watch, Apple has crammed an insane amount of gadgetry coupled with a copious amount of glue to keep everything in place. If you ever wondered why the AirPods having a hanging boom design similar to the Earpods despite not coming with wires, it’s because they help in improving its reception.

As for the battery inside the AirPods, each unit packs in a 93m milliwatt-hour battery, which is just over 1% in capacity when compared to the battery found inside the iPhone 7. As if opening the AirPods was not already difficult, the charging case required the iFixit team to use a Dremel machine. Tearing it down does not reveal much though; there is a 398mAh battery that is connected to the logic board using a ZIF connector. Interestingly, the chips on the logic board inside the charging case exhibited some issues with their solder joints which the iFixit team speculates could be a reason for the delay behind the AirPods release.

In the end and unsurprisingly, iFixit gave the AirPods and its charging case a score of 0 out of 10. This is because it is impossible to access the internals of the AirPods and its charging case without destroying them first.

[Via iFixit]