Apple’s BeatsX Wireless Earphones Arrive in February

Apple has a hit-or-miss track record when it comes to current-generation wireless headphones, with that trend continuing with the BeatsX.

While Apple has quietly launched its truly wireless earphones, the AirPods, earlier today with an expected delivery date next week, the other wireless earphones that Apple unveiled earlier this year won’t arrive for the holiday shopping season. Yesterday it was reported that the BeatsX wireless earphones were delayed “by at least two to three months,” and now that’s been confirmed.

Apple has updated the landing page for the BeatsX wireless earphones to reflect that they won’t make it to market until February of next year. Apple’s page shows that the BeatsX are currently unavailable, so they can’t be added to the bag to buy yet. Apple does make it possible to check availability at physical retail stores, though, interestingly enough.

When the BeatsX do launch in February, they’ll cost $149.95, and they’ll come in at least black and white variants.

Were you hoping to get these for the holidays?

[via Apple]