After Apple, Google Cuts Down Its Self-Driving Car Plans

Following in the footsteps of Apple, Google has now also reportedly shelved plans on developing its own self-driving car. Instead, the company is now focusing on partnering with existing vehicle makers to make a self-driving car. As per the report, previous self-driving vehicles from Google lacked any kind of steering wheel and pedals.

Additionally, the report from The Information says that Larry Page will soon be moving the company’s self-driving unit out of Google X and into a separate company under Alphabet. To aid the move, Google has been hiring more managers who report to John Krafcik, a former Hyundai executive.

However, irrespective of the fate that its self-driving car ambition meets, Google still plans on launching a self-driving taxi service in the United States before the end of next year.

Like Google, Apple has also scaled back on its self-driving vehicle plans. The company is now focusing on developing an autonomous self-driving platform that will allow it to partner with existing car makers down the line. The car team inside Apple has been given a deadline of late next year to prove how feasible their self-driving system is. Based on it, the company will be taking the final decision on the direction of the team.

With both Google and Apple scaling back on their self-driving vehicle ambitions, it looks like a fully autonomous self-driving car is still more than a few years away from being turned into a reality.

[Via The Information]