Apple Pay Accepted at 35 Percent of U.S. Merchants

Apple Pay - Wells Fargo

Apple Pay continues to expand, from banks and credit unions, to business in a growing number of countries across the globe.

And while the mobile payment option is still seeing trouble launching in Australia, in the United States the service is seeing noteworthy adoption. As The Verge reports, Apple’s head of Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey, spoke at the Code Commerce conference in San Francisco recently, and outlined how well Apple Pay is doing in the U.S.

She noted that in just two years, Apple Pay has expanded from just four to 35 percent of retailers accepting Apple Pay as a means for customers to buy their products. That’s up to 4 million locations at this point, with that number still expanding. Apple has set its sights on major retailers like GAP in the foreseeable future to pad that adoption number even more in 2017.

Bailey pointed out that cards equipped with caps, or EMV cards, are annoying for customers to use, and said that the goal is to point out how easy Apple Pay makes checking out, but without having to “knock” EMV cards at the same time — because of partnerships that Apple has to work with.

“Once you figure out you have to dip, you wait awhile, you wait awhile,” Bailey said.

“Knocking EMV is not necessarily the way to go. I think it’s to increase acceptance and work with great partners.”

Apple is working on boosting offers from retailer and banks, like how it offers bonus points through American Airlines. There should be more to come from other options in the near future.

How often do you use Apple Pay?

[via The Verge]