Some Apple Watch Series 2 Models Bricking With Update to watchOS 3.1.1

Yesterday, Apple officially released watchOS 3.1.1 to the public, but apparently it hasn’t gone so well for some updaters.

As reported by MacRumors, the update to watchOS 3.1.1 has ultimately led some Apple Watch Series 2 models to get stuck in the update process at varying stages. Some get held up with the circular progress bar, while others simply default to a screen that shows the owner to visit “” for further information.

A variety of users have chimed in at this point, in forums, and Reddit, showing off images of their smart wearables being stuck in the update process.

The real trouble comes in the fact that the next steps for owners stuck in the process are to actually send the Apple Watch Series 2 back in to Apple, rather than simply going to an Apple Store to get it solved. To fix the problem, Apple needs to access the diagnostics port on the side of the device, which, at the moment, Apple retail stores don’t have access to.

A few cases appear to indicate that the update stalled because the owner force restarted their device, because the progress bar was stuck in one spot for extended periods of time. However, many others indicate that their device simply bricked in the process, through no fault of their own.

As it stands right now, Apple has yet to comment on the update issues for some Apple Watch Series 2 owners. If you have a second-generation Apple Watch, were you able to update without an issue?

[via MacRumors]