Shanghai Consumer Council Calls Out Apple for Spontaneous iPhone 6 Fires

image iPhone 6 Plus teardown

Batteries are getting much more attention than ever before as of late, thanks to exploding smartphones.

For Apple, that means focused attention on the battery installed in the iPhone 6s. Recently, it’s been confirmed that some iPhone 6s units suffer from spontaneous shutdowns, which led Apple to officially confirm that a manufacturing issue led to the problem for some iPhone 6s owners.

As a result, the company implemented a repair program, and will even launch a diagnostics tool with the next update to iOS 10, which will help owners identify potential issues in their device.

Now, the Shanghai Consumer Council, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, is calling out Apple for spontaneous fires in iPhone 6 models. However, Apple investigated the models after the complaints were levied, and found that “external physical damage” led to the fires, and not a faulty battery, or other piece of technology, inside the unit:

“Apple said it analyzed the affected phones and found that the fires followed “external physical damage.” The company encouraged customers with issues to visit an Apple store or contact company support.

“We appreciate that customers are more concerned than ever about the performance and safety of batteries in their mobile devices,” Apple said in a statement.”

The iPhone 6 initially launched way back in 2014, and, to date, there haven’t been any widespread reports of the device catching fire. Apple’s explanation for the spontaneous fires in these rare situations seems plausible.

[via The Wall Street Journal]