How to Get Notified When Super Mario Run for iPhone and iPad Is Released

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After entertaining us for decades on consoles and hand held devices, Mario, everyone’s favorite plumber is coming to the iPhone. Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first officially entry to the smartphones via Apple’s App Store. And let me tell you, it’s is not all hype. It’s also not a simple clone of Subway Surfers with Mario as the title character. As you’d expect from Nintendo, they’ve done is properly.

How To Get Notified When Super Mario Run Releases

Nintendo is releasing the app to the App Store on December 15 (it’s not clear exactly at what time). If you’re as excited about this release as me, you want to be the first person to be notified when the app launches. Apple has made this easy for you, with a new feature on the App Store.

Super Mario Run already has an App Store listing. So search for “Super Mario Run” on the App Store or go to this link on your iPhone.

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Once you’re at the page, tap on the “Notify” button. Now, when the game launches, you’ll get a notification right away.

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Mario On A Touchscreen Done Right

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As I said above, this is not just a clone of Subway Surfers. Nintendo has created 3 different modes. And while Mario runs on its own, it’s not exactly an endless runner. There are levels involved. And it’s not just about making it to the end. You need to collect special coins to get better scores.

In the Toad Rally mode, you can compete with other players. Kingdom Builder lets you build your own stages.

The game is available for free but if you want more, you can unlock the entire game for $9.99.

Get Hyped

While you wait, it’s time to get hyped for the new game. And what better way to do it than to watch Jimmy Fallon play a level in the game.

Play A Demo In Apple Store

Starting today, you can also play a demo of Super Mario Run at Apple Store across the world. So if you just can’t wait, head over to your nearest Apple Store and run around with Mario a bit.