You Can Check Your iPhone 6s Serial Number to See if it’s Eligible for Battery Replacement


Near the end of November, Apple officially launched a battery replacement program for the iPhone 6s, which had an issue where some units would unexpectedly shut down.

Now, Apple has officially released an online tool that will allow iPhone 6s owners to check their device’s serial number to see if their handset is covered for the battery replacement. The new tool is an option for owners that’s present on the dedicated page for the repair program.

Here’s how to find your serial number.

The affected devices were manufactured between September and October of last year, according to Apple. If you have an iPhone 6s that has had the issue, or you simply want to check, Apple’s online tool certainly makes that easier.

Apple is replacing the battery at no additional cost. However, the company notes that if your iPhone 6s has a cracked screen or any other damage that can affect the replacement of the battery, then that problem needs to be resolved first before the company can change the battery. Such repairs will not be covered by Apple and users would have to pay for them.

Does your device fall under the replacement program?

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