Some MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Units Suffering From Battery Life Issues


One of the major bullet points for Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar was its 10-hour battery life.

However, according to a growing number of new owners, their brand new hardware is not performing up to the standard promoted by Apple. Many owners are reporting that their device is only able to get up to six hours of battery life, with others saying their machine is topping out at three hours.

From one MacRumors forum post:

“Currently I’m powering a 1080p external monitor and casually browsing with Chrome. At full charge, I’m getting an estimate of 3 hours battery life. With gaming it’s even less.”

From another:

“I bought a maxed out 13-inch Touch Bar model and I’ve been using it for about a week. With light use, I’ve been consistently getting around 5-6.5 hours when mainly browsing. Apple claims 10 hours wireless web but my battery has never lasted this long.”

Meanwhile, Reddit user “Azr-79” says that his base model 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar only earns him three hours and 45 minutes of battery life, even after a full charge. He describes his situation as “normal usage,” with browsing the internet, some software development, and watching videos through sites like YouTube.

Apple’s support forums are also filling up with owners saying their new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar’s battery life is not anywhere near where Apple says it should be. From one post, as surfaced by ZDNet:

“I just received my new 15″ MacBook Pro with touch bar. The battery life is horrible!!! I have Safari open with 6 tabs and with 95% battery, I am told that I have under 3 hours of battery life left! I thought these things were supposed to get 10 hours? I ran the battery down in 3 hours last night only browsing the web. I wasn’t watching videos, just browsing. Is there something wrong with my laptop?”

It’s worth noting that in reviews for Apple’s latest MacBook Pro, battery life seemed pretty close to Apple’s estimates. The majority showed that battery life got up to 9-and-a-half-hours, for instance, while others simply said that 10 hours was a fair estimate. The Verge, on the other hand, only got 5.5 hours out of their 13-inch model.

If you have a new Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro, are you seeing the same battery life issues?

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