A Look at the 104 New Emojis in iOS 10.2

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 10.2 with a plethora of minor new features, bug fixes, and enhancements. Among the myriad of changes, Apple also snuck in 104 new emoji along with support for Unicode 9 emoji. Additionally, Apple has redesigned almost every emoji with higher resolution textures to make them look sharper.

If you are a heavy emoji user and are wondering what all changes Apple has introduced to emojis with iOS 10.2, read below.

The list of new emoji that are now a part of iOS 10.2 include some commonly used expressions like face palm, fingers crossed, black heart and things like bacon, avocado, and butterfly. Some new animal emoji that were added include duck, butterfly, and shark.

Apple has also added new emojis for 16 new professions in iOS 10.2, including one for a technologist, teacher, health worker, farmer, and even an astronaut. However, the catch is that these new emojis have been implemented as ZWJ sequences to make them backward compatible with older operating systems. Due to this, on older platforms, users will see the two emojis that actually make up the new single emoji, and the new emojis will also take up two characters in SMS, tweet, and other similar platforms.

You can find more details about all the emoji related changes that Apple has made in iOS 10.2 here.

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