PSA: A Malicious File can Crash Messages App on Your iPhone

In recent times, a number of bugs have been discovered in iOS that could potentially brick your iOS device (remember the date bug?). Adding to that list, a new bug has been discovered in iOS that exists right from iOS 9 to iOS 10.2 and can permanently crash the Messages app on your iPhone.

The process actually involves sending a malicious vcf file to someone over iMessage which will then permanently disable the Messages app on their phone. As soon as the receiver opens the malicious file, their Messages app will stop working completely. Thankfully, as you will see in the video below, there is a way to fix the issue as well. This involves opening this link on the affected device that will prompt you to open the Messages app thereby automagically fixing it.

The malicious file also seems to work on selected Android devices and even crashes the Contacts app in Windows 10, so it’s possible that the file makes use of a bug in how the operating systems handle vcf files. Now that this bug has attracted some media attention, it is likely that we will see Apple fix this issue with the next update to iOS.

We are not providing the link to the malicious file, but if you feel like pranking your friends, you can find it in the description of the above linked YouTube video.