AirPods Randomly Disconnecting While on Calls; Apple Working on Fix

One of the most common complaints with the AirPods from iPhone owners is that they randomly disconnect and reconnect while on a call. Now, MacRumors reports that Apple is now looking into a possible fix for the problem.

Various online communities related to Apple have been filled with complaints from AirPods owners about this issue, with a thread on Apple’s own Support Communities thread running into several pages. The issue only seems to be affecting iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus owners, with iPhone 7 owners not reporting of any such problems.

The issue only occurs when both AirPod earpieces are used while on a call, with no disconnection issues cropping up when one single AirPods earpiece is used.

Affected owners have tried resetting their iPhone’s network settings as well as their AirPods to no avail. Rebooting the iPhone, AirPods, and disconnecting other Bluetooth devices connected to the iPhone have not helped things either. The AirPods only seem to lose connection while on a call and do not suffer from any connectivity issue while playing back music.

Have you been facing similar disconnection issues with your AirPods? If yes, did you find a remedy to the problem? Do share it with our readers by dropping a comment below if you have found a way alleviate the problem from happening continuously.

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