Apple Estimated To Have Shipped 5.4 Million Macs in Q4, 2016 Despite Market Slowdown

As per Gartner, Mac sales remained steady in Q4, 2016 despite PC sales slowing down. The company estimates that Apple shipped 5.4 million units of Macs worldwide, up by a mere 0.1 million from the same time in 2015.

While Apple registered a 2.4 percent growth, market leader Lenovo sales have been estimated to grow by 1.6 percent. HP and Dell posted registered higher growth than Apple and Lenovo at 4.3 percent and 5.4 percent. Asus and Acer, however, registered heavy declines in their PC sales.

“Stagnation in the PC market continued into the fourth quarter of 2016 as holiday sales were generally weak due to the fundamental change in PC buying behavior,” said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner. “The broad PC market has been static as technology improvements have not been sufficient to drive real market growth. There have been innovative form factors like 2-in-1s and thin and light notebooks, as well as technology improvements, such as longer battery life. This end of the market has grown fast, led by engaged PC users who put high priority on PCs. However, the market driven by PC enthusiasts is not big enough to drive overall market growth.”

By shipping an estimated 5.4 million units, Apple grabbed the fourth spot in the PC market thereby putting it behind Lenovo, HP, Dell and Asus. Lenovo shipped 15.7 million PCs, while HP came in a close second at 14.8 million. Dell and Asus have been estimated to ship 10.7 million and 5.4 million PCs, respectively, in Q4, 16.

Apple’s modest growth could be blamed on the relatively high price of its new MacBook Pro lineup and the lack of USB-A ports on them which potentially led customers to look for alternatives from Lenovo, HP, and Dell. The lack of a refreshed iMac lineup did not help things either for Apple.

[Via Gartner]