iOS 11 Rumored to Feature Group FaceTime Calling

MacBook FaceTime

FaceTime has been around for quite some time, but one of the features most-requested features might finally be making an appearance in the next version of iOS.

According to a report initially published by The Verifier, and citing “several people familiar with [the] iOS development process (partly developed in Israel)” as sources, Apple could add group video calling to the FaceTime feature with the arrival of iOS 11 later this year. The site states that Apple will update FaceTime to support up to five people on a single video call at once.

FaceTime was launched in 2010, and, since then, has seen minor improvements over the years, but group calling is still missing from the mix. Apple’s major competitors in this front, however, including Google and Microsoft, have been offering group video calling for quite some time.

The inclusion of this feature with FaceTime would certainly be a welcomed one, but as it stands right now this is a sole rumor, so apply the appropriate amount of caution.

Do you want group video calling in FaceTime?

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