Former Apple Engineer Says Apple Has Become a ‘Boring Operations Company’ Under Tim Cook

A formal Apple engineer Bob Burrough speaking to CNBC says that Tim Cook has made Apple a “boring operations company.” Burrough says that it was the chaos while working under Steve Jobs that led to the creation of the original iPhone.

When Burrough joined Apple in 2007, he says it was a “wild west,” and despite being hired under a specific manager, he was working on projects that had nothing to do with his job profile. This is because under Jobs Apple prioritised projects, while under Cook, the organisation is given the priority.

“It was ‘I’m here to solve whatever problems I can, irrespective of my role, my title, or to whom I report.’ It was wild. But it was also very rewarding, because everything you did had maximal impact on the product.” – Burrough told to CNBC

Burrough says that under Cook the “dynamic has clearly and distinctly changed,” with highly organisational teams having clear responsibilities. Every employee now has their own responsibilities to care about, and they don’t deviate from their job to help solve other problems that are out of their job profile.

Tony Fadell, who worked on the original iPod and founded Nest down the line, disagrees with Burrough, though. He says that there was never a competition inside Apple even while working under Steve Jobs, with all teams working together to find the best solution.

While Apple has become the richest company in the world under Cook’s leadership, many believe that the company has lost its innovative edge under its new leadership. While iPhone sales reached new heights since Cook became the CEO, many people widely believe that Apple has not released one revolutionary product under his leadership.

[Via CNBC]