Apple Ends iPod nano Replacement Program

Back in 2011, Apple launched a worldwide replacement program for the iPod nano, due to issues traced back to the battery.

While it was a minor issue at the time, the program has been kicking around ever since. However, as noted by MacRumors, Apple recently removed the landing page for the replacement program on its support site, suggesting Apple had silently ended the program.

The publication reached out to a few authorized service providers, each of which confirmed that Apple has ended the replacement program for the iPod nano. They were instructed to contact Apple directly, and notes that while they were initially informed the program had ended, they were able to escalate their call and actually got the program honored.

So, while the program has been ended by Apple, it appears that it is still (remotely) possible that if you do need a replacement for your iPod nano, if you can find the right person to talk to, they’ll honor the program.

Do you still own one of these?

[via MacRumors]