Qualcomm Says Apple’s Claims in $1 Billion Lawsuit Are ‘Baseless’; Company ‘Misrepresented Facts’

A day after Apple sued Qualcomm to the tune of $1 billion over a variety of patent royalties, the chip maker has issued a statement calling Apple’s claim “baseless.” Qualcomm says that Apple has “intentionally mischaracterized” the agreements and negotiations between the two companies.

Qualcomm further adds that by suing it, Apple has undermined the value and importance of the technology developed by Qualcomm over the years which it has duly shared with other OEMs through its licensing program. It further accuses Apple of regulatory attacks on its business through different jurisdictions around the world by intentionally holding back key information.

“Apple has intentionally mischaracterized our agreements and negotiations, as well as the enormity and value of the technology we have invented, contributed and shared with all mobile device makers through our licensing program. Apple has been actively encouraging regulatory attacks on Qualcomm’s business in various jurisdictions around the world, as reflected in the recent KFTC decision and FTC complaint, by misrepresenting facts and withholding information.” said Don Rosenberg, executive vice president and general counsel, Qualcomm Incorporated.

Qualcomm says that it “welcomes the opportunity” to have Apple’s meritless claims examined in a court.

Apple sued Qualcomm because the latter held back payments of roughly $1 billion in retaliation for the Cupertino company responding “truthfully” information to a law enforcement agency that was investigating Qualcomm.

Apple — and most of the other OEMs — has relied on Qualcomm’s modem for years now for cellular connectivity, though, in recent times other alternatives have cropped up. Apple went with an Intel modem in certain variants of the iPhone 7, but they were found to be not as efficient as the ones from Qualcomm.

[Via Qualcomm]