Apple has Reportedly Extended its Anti-Reflective Coating Repair Program for Retina MacBook, MacBook Pro

Back in October of 2015, Apple quietly rolled out a repair program for owners of a 12-inch MacBook, or a MacBook Pro with Retina display, that suffered from their anti-reflecting coating shaving off the display.

Now, MacRumors reports that Apple has, also quietly, extended that repair program, allowing for owners to come into an Apple retail store and get their display fixed free of charge. The report states that Apple will now cover affected MacBook and MacBook Pro models purchased as far back as June 2012, or until October 16, 2017 — or within three years of the original purchase date, whichever is longer.

Visiting an Apple Authorized Service Provider, to determine if your MacBook or MacBook Pro is affected is also a possibility, but you’ll still need to visit the official Apple store to get the free fix. As was previously the case, some owners may be eligible for a refund if they have already paid for an out-of-warranty fix to their display.

If your MacBook or MacBook Pro was affected by this issue, did you get it fixed by Apple already? How was the process?

[via MacRumors]