Apple Reportedly Testing Fifth-generation Apple TV With 4K Streaming Support

Apple TV 4

After launching the fourth-generation Apple TV in 2015, Apple is preparing to launch a new 4K capable Apple TV later this year. Codenamed “J1o5”, the fifth-generation Apple TV will be capable of streaming 4K videos and support more vivid colors.

Additionally, Apple also recently managed to poach Timothy D. Twerdhal from Amazon’s Fire TV unit earlier this month which suggests that the company is once again focusing on Apple TV.

The fifth-generation Apple TV will not bring about any other radical new features or revolutionise TV viewing in your living room as many reports had claimed back when the fourth-generation Apple TV was supposed to launch.

The Bloomberg report also details how Apple has failed to make Apple TV the revolutionary product that it was once working on. The streaming box was supposed to replace every other set-top box from various cable companies and be your one-stop box for all media needs, but that never happened. Apple also debated bundling a gaming controller with the fourth-generation Apple TV to better compete with Sony’s PS4 and Xbox One but cancelled the plan due to cost concerns as it would have eaten away into its profit margins. Even engineers inside the company working on Apple TV are not satisfied with how the device has turned into a giant iPhone for the living room with an App Store.

“That’s not what I signed up for,” says one of the people, who requested anonymity to talk freely about internal company matters.

Apple had big plans for the fourth-generation Apple TV which included launching it with a new TV app that let one quickly access live shows and sports. However, the app was delayed and only launched in December last year, and even then it was limited to only displaying content from iTunes store and video library.

Apple also had a backup plan in case the fourth-generation Apple TV was not able to replace the set-top boxes. The company would offer a “skinny bundle” that would let users decide the channels they want to watch. It wanted to bundle four main broadcast networks and a handful of cable channels for $30-$40 a month. Even media companies were willing to work with Apple on this bundle, but talks ultimately fell through because of cost issues and the composition of the bundle.

In the end, the Apple TV has turned out to be nothing more than a hobby project for Apple. When compared to the likes of Amazon’s Fire TV, Google Chromecast, or Roku, the Apple TV feels very limited and overpriced, and it makes very little sense to buy one over its competition.

How satisfied are you with your Apple TV? Do you think you will buy the fifth-generation Apple TV if it launches with 4K video streaming support?

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