The 10 Best Reasons to Jailbreak iOS 10 – iOS 10.2

After months of waiting, the jailbreak for iOS 10 – iOS 10.2 has finally been released. This means that you get to install tweaks and themes to customize your device to the fullest.

In addition to the amazing new tweaks that have been released in the past few weeks, many old tweaks have already been updated to support iOS 10. If you’re not sure whether its worth jailbreaking your iOS 10 device, here are the top 10 reasons why we think you should take advantage of the Yalu iOS 10 – iOS 10.2 jailbreak.

1. Dark Mode

Dark mode is one of the most requested features in iOS. Jailbreak users have the privilege to enjoy this feature on their jailbroken device with a tweak called Eclipse 4. This tweak allows you to enable dark mode for almost any of your installed apps and offers amazing customization options.

2. App Enhancements

App Store

One of the staples of jailbreaking is to get rid of the restrictions imposed by some apps and enjoy exclusive new features. For instance, you can use Phantom for Snapchat to easily upload videos and photos from your Camera Roll, hide Discover and Live Stories, view snaps and stories without having to keep your fingers on the screen at all times and much more.

3. File Manager

iFile for iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Due to the limited nature and secure ecosystem of iOS, users are prevented from accessing the system files and modifying them. There are times when you need to edit some of the system files to fix an issue. If you’re jailbroken, you can take advantage of a tweak such as iFile to do it.

4. Themes

Jailbreaking your iOS device opens the doors to endless customization possibilities. One of these includes theming your iPhone to change its look and feel. You can change the design of app icons, add widgets to the Home screen, customize the interface of third-party apps and much more.

5. Get Exclusive New Features on Older iPhone Models

Jailbreaking your iOS device allows you to use tweaks that port exclusive iPhone and iPad features to unsupported models. For instance, you can use a tweak like Peek-a-Boo to use 3D Touch on older iPhone models. Additionally, there are tweaks such as Gorgone and Picture-in-Picture that bring iPad’s Split View and Picture-in-Picture feature to the iPhone.

6. Fancy Animations

Cylinder is a cool jailbreak tweak that animates your app icons as you navigate from one Home screen page to another. Then there is a tweak called GlowBadge that adds a glow to app icons with a pending notification

7. Enhanced Control Center

Do you want to merge the two pages of iOS 10 Control Center into one? Or add additional toggles? The Cydia store is filled with tons of tweaks that allows you to add new features and functionality to Control Center and customize it the way you want. Examples of such tweaks include Horseshoe, FlipControlCenter, Cream 2, CCTButtonActions, etc.

8. New features and functionality

There are many features that users wish were added to iOS 10. By jailbreaking your device, you can enjoy most of these features right away. Examples including adding additional toggles to Control Center (FlipControlCenter), enabling dark mode (Eclipse 4), deleting multiple apps at once (MultiActions) and much more.

9. For the Power User

Power users are going to love iPhone’s 3D Touch feature, which allows you to peek and pop into emails and messages, switch easily to the previous app, and even turn iPhone keyboard into a trackpad.

But it does not replace Activator. It is still a must-have jailbreak tweak for power users. It allows you to invoke actions using shortcuts from anywhere in the iOS. You would be surprised by the number of shortcuts you can use such as double tap on the status bar, triple tap the Home button, double press the sleep button to trigger stock actions or launch an app or go to the Settings toggle. It offers almost limitless shortcuts to make it easier to use your iOS device.

10. Enhanced Privacy Protection

Many of us would like to lock apps and folders to prevent unauthorized access. BioProtect is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to use Touch ID or passcode to protect access to apps, folders, settings and so much more.

These are some of the best reasons for jailbreaking iOS 10 – iOS 10.2. If these reasons are convincing enough to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod, then read the following guide:

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