ColorWare Offering AirPods in 58 Colors for $289

Getting your hands on a pair of Apple’s truly wireless earphones, the AirPods, still involves plenty of waiting, but now ColorWare is looking to spruce things up with some color options.

Apple launched the AirPods in just one color: White. That left many people wondering if, at some point in the future, if Apple would get around to launching the wireless headphones in other colors, like Jet Black for instance, but Apple hasn’t made any mention of any different colors.

So, in steps ColorWare to offer up some options. 58 of them, to be exact. The company, which colors a variety of different products, many of which feature the Apple logo, has just announced that it is offering its color services for the AirPods, with prices for a brand new pair set at $289.

Colors include, but are certainly not limited to: Red, Cobalt, Fusion, Concord, Jet Black, Fossil, Mango, Pumpkin, and Billiard. These colors can be given a “Gloss” or “Matte” finish, just for good measure. And, what’s more, you can choose separate colors for each AirPod if you are feeling really adventurous.

Apple charges $159.00 for AirPods, so the $289 is certainly a price hike, but not anything out of the ordinary for ColroWare’s efforts. Additionally, it should be noted that ColorWare will ship your custom AirPods in six weeks — the same amount of time as you’d get AirPods from Apple directly.

What do you think of some color options for the AirPods? Worth the price hike?

[via ColorWare]