Eclipse 4 Released for iOS 10, Brings System-Wide Dark Mode to iOS

One of the features that is highly anticipated by iOS users is dark mode. This feature is already available to jailbreak users through a popular tweak called Eclipse. If you’ve jailbroken iOS 10, the good news is that Eclipse 4 has just been released in Cydia with support for iOS 10 devices.

Eclipse 4 is an amazing tweak that brings night mode across the entire iOS interface. It applies a dark color scheme to the interface of your apps, making it easier to read at night and reduces the amount of strain on your eyes.

The tweak includes all the features that were available in old versions including custom color settings, whitelisting of apps, color customization of individual UI elements and more.

What’s more amazing is that Eclipse 4 is available for free to existing customers who have purchased any of the previous versions of the tweak. As for new users, Eclipse 4 will cost $0.99 which is definitely worth its price tag.

Keep in mind that when you install the tweak, all the apps are disabled by default. If you’d like to enable dark mode for any of your apps, simply go to the Enabled Applications section in Settings and turn on the toggle for that app. Also make sure to re-launch that app for the dark mode effect to be applied.

If you’ve been waiting eagerly for Eclipse to support iOS 10, then now’s the time to get your hands on it. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.