iOS 10.3 Beta Introduces Recent Apps Button in CarPlay

A seemingly minor change from Apple in the iOS 10.3 beta to CarPlay is going to make using the feature simpler and quicker. CarPlay in itself has a very simple interface that is meant to be as distraction-free as possible.

In a bid to achieve that, Apple had made the process of switching between apps a two-step process. First, you had to press the home button to go back to the CarPlay home screen and then tap the icon of the app that you want to open. Most people will only use a couple of apps while using CarPlay so this was an unnecessary step that created a distraction and required one to take their eyes away from the road.

With iOS 10.3 beta, Apple has made the process of switching between apps easier. There is now a recent apps button in the left-hand corner in CarPlay for iOS that provides a list of frequently used apps to make switching between them easier.

It is a seemingly minor change, but one that will make it safer to use CarPlay for iOS.

[Via The Verge]