iPhone 8 Concept Envisions a Dual-Screen Device

The iPhone 8 is rumored to be a noteworthy update for the iPhone family, seeing as it’s the tenth-anniversary handset.

And while there have been some interesting rumors that have surfaced up to this point, the steady belief now is that Apple will (finally) include features like wireless charging into the upcoming flagship. The iPhone 8 could also boast an embedded Touch ID sensor later this year as well. There are a variety of rumors to sift through, but over at ConceptsiPhone, they’ve put together a nice look at some pretty crazy, albeit awesome, ideas for what Apple could launch this year.

The concept video for the iPhone 8, which is called “iPhone 8 Commercial,” shows a handset that features a rounded, metallic frame, and an all-glass design. The volume rockers on the side, along with the side switch, are reminiscent of the original iPhone, even as the concept also embraces a pretty radical dual-screen approach as well.

While some of these things are already present in other handsets out in the market, like the dual-screen functionality, there doesn’t seem to be any belief that this is one feature Apple will launch for its own smartphone lineup.

Still, the concept is well done. You can check it out below. What do you think of it?

[via 9to5Mac; ConceptsiPhone]