iPhone 8 To Feature ‘Revolutionary’ 3D Selfie Camera Capable of Facial and Iris Recognition

iPhone 8 - Edge-to-Edge Display

In his latest research note, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple will be giving the front camera on the iPhone 8 a major upgrade. The analyst notes that the OLED variant of the iPhone 8 will feature a “revolutionary” camera in the front that will be paired with an infrared module.

The combination of the two along with advanced software algorithms will allow the iPhone 8 to capture 2D images and depth information that will be useful for iris and facial recognition, 3D selfies, and more. In addition, Kuo believes that Apple can use the new front camera in unique ways in games for a new experience altogether. The selfies captured can also be used in augmented reality apps.

Apple will be making use of the technology it acquired from PrimeSense, a startup it had acquired in 2013, to develop its new 3D selfie camera.

From the note, it looks like only the OLED variant of the iPhone 8 will feature the new selfie camera, with the other two variants of the phone having to do without it.

Selfies have become increasingly popular in recent times especially in Asia. Oppo and Vivo, two smartphone OEMs who have grown significantly over the last one year, has aggressively promoted the selfie capabilities of their phones to attract consumers. So, if Apple does indeed manage to launch a “revolutionary” new selfie camera with the iPhone 8 this year, it might just change the whole game, and once again become the favorite of Chinese consumers where the company has lost market share in the last one year.

We have heard quite a fair bit about the iPhone 8 so far, but this is the first time a report has claimed that the handset will come with new selfie camera as well. Rumors have pointed to Apple using an infrared or laser sensor on the iPhone 8 for facial and iris recognition.

Will you buy the OLED iPhone 8 if it comes with a 3D selfie camera even if it costs $1000+?

[Via 9to5Mac]