iPhone 8 Rumored to Cost ‘More Than $1,000’

The iPhone isn’t a cheap device. With the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus, the cost for an unsubsidized handset runs the price tag up to $969.00.

Now, a report from Fast Company outlines how the next flagship iPhone, the 10th anniversary iPhone 8, could pack enough features that Apple will charge upwards of $1,000 for the smartphone. Specifically, the “radical design change” and “premium parts,” could make the iPhone 8 cost “north of $1,000,” citing an unnamed source with “knowledge of Apple’s plans.”

As far as the report is concerned, certain elements would indeed seem to line up with previous rumors. The source describes the device as “something like a smooth black monolith, with few visual interruptions to its sleek design.” That would seem to corroborate previous reports that the Home button and Touch ID sensor will be embedded into the display of the handset, at least.

That Home button technology, according to the source, is still “evolving,” but Apple’s goal is indeed to get it ready for prime time by the launch of the iPhone 8 later this year. Going further, the unnamed source says that Apple will get rid of all physical buttons, even along the sides, meaning that the volume buttons, mute switch, and even the Power button will be removed.

“Apple has been working to remove the physical Home button from the iPhone, our source says, relocating it underneath the display surface. It would become a button to touch, not press. Our source says the technology is still “evolving” but that Apple is likely pushing hard to get the new Home button into the iPhone 8, which it hopes will be the most feature-rich iPhone ever.”

The source says the iPhone 8 will also include a “far bigger battery.”

The report also indicates that the OLED display Apple plans on using, which will “look great and stretch across the whole front of the phone,” will also hike up the price of the upcoming iPhone 8, as it will cost Apple twice as much as Apple currently pays for its LCD panels.

Finally, the report also indicates that Apple has been working with a company called Lumentum on 3D-sensing technology. However, the source wasn’t able to provide details what that actually entails for the future iPhone, suggesting it could be used for face authentication for another layer of security:

“Our source says Apple has been working with Lumentum (formed when JDS Uniphase split in 2014) on 3D-sensing technology for the new high-end phone. It remains unclear how the technology will be applied, however. It could be used to recognize the user’s face for authentication. It could also be used in the camera to provide better image resolution. It could even be used in some form of augmented reality application, according to our source.”

These rumors do follow in line with previous reports. The iPhone 8 is expected to have a variety of different features tucked inside of it, including wireless charging, and a display that measures in somewhere between 5.5 inches and 5.8 inches. Interestingly, the report indicates that while many believe the device will be called the iPhone 8, there are some that are speculating Apple could call it the “iPhone X.”

“The new 5.8-inch phone will probably be called the iPhone 8, but some believe Apple will call it the (far cooler-sounding) “iPhone X.””

If the rumor mill is even half correct about the upcoming flagship iPhone, there will be plenty to look forward to. But will you fork over that much cash for it?

[via Fast Company]