Developer Logs Reportedly Reveal Next-Gen Apple TV and tvOS 11

Apple TV 4

Right now, Apple is seeding tvOS 10.2 betas, but it looks like tvOS 11 may see the light of day sometime soon.

And that could be right on the back of a brand new set-top box. As reported by 9to5Mac, the co-founder of Firi Games (which makes games for iOS and tvOS), has said that a device with the identifier “AppleTV 6,2” has been discovered in recent usage logs. Details revealed that the IP address of the device showed that the device-in-testing is near Apple’s headquarters.

For those keeping track, the current fourth-generation Apple TV has a device identifier of “AppleTV 5,3” so this new hardware could certainly point to a new Apple TV set-top box being on the way. Moreover, the report indicates that the new Apple TV is running tvOS 11, but any further details remain unknown.

Rumors of a fifth-generation Apple TV cropped up in February, suggesting that Apple’s new set-top box would foster only slight updates, but that one main addition would be support for 4K content.

If you bought a 4th-gen Apple TV, would you think about upgrading to a fifth-generationg set-top box already?

[via 9to5Mac]