Amazon’s Alexa Arrives on the iPhone

There are a variety of different digital personal assistants out there, and Amazon has one of the more popular ones in Alexa.

Apple has Siri, Google (now) has Assistant, Microsoft has Cortana, and Amazon has Alexa. With the obvious included, those other digital personal assistants are already available on the iPhone, so it felt like a matter of time before Alexa made its proper debut. And that has finally arrived.

As The Verge reports, Alexa is now available on the iPhone — through the official Amazon app. Alexa has appeared on other smartphones, running Android, but this is the first time Amazon itself has launched Alexa on a smartphone. And it’s on the iPhone, no less. To get it to work, just install (or update) the Amazon app, and there will be a new microphone icon up at the top of the screen. Touch it and this will access Alexa. You can have the digital personal assistant look up facts, buy things for you, and even control the smart home products around you.

Amazon has confirmed the feature begins rolling out today, and that it should arrive for all U.S. users in the next week.

[via The Verge]