Apple Releases iTunes 12.6 with ‘Rent Once, Watch Anywhere’

Better late than never, one could probably say about the latest update to iTunes, which brings an oft-requested feature to users.

Today, Apple released iTunes 12.6 to the public. The update itself is slim, with one one major bullet point to talk about: the ability to rent something from the iTunes Store, and then watch that content on any one of your devices, as long as that device is tied to your Apple ID that rented the content.

The requirements: iTunes 12.6, and then devices running iOS 10.3, or an Apple TV running tvOS 10.2. Unfortunately both iOS 10.3 and tvOS 10.2 are currently in beta seeds, so this update to iTunes is setting the stage for new features in those software releases. It’s likely that Apple is planning on releasing the newest updates for iOS and tvOS soon, though.

The update to iTunes is rolling out now, so keep an eye out for it.

You can download iTunes 12.6 from here:

Download iTunes for Windows and Mac