Apple Rumored to Add True Tone Displays to All Three iPhone 8 Variants This Year

iPad True Tone display

Investment bank Barclays believes that all three new iPhone variant from Apple this year will sport True Tone displays. The Cupertino company had first debuted this feature on its 9.7-inch iPad Pro last year.

While on the iPad Pro Apple is able to achieve True Tone displays by using advanced light sensors hidden in the bezels, it will be using a “full spectral sensing” light sensor to be able to bring True Tone technology to the iPhone. The sensor will be manufactured by AMS, an Austrian semiconductor manufacturer.

For the expected iPhone 7S models, as well as the iPhone 8, we think ams’s content increases due to the inclusion of its full spectral sensing ambient light sensor, as already seen in the iPad Pro for that device’s True Color screen functionality.

As seen on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, the True Tone display is automatically able to adjust the color temperature and brightness of the display according to the ambient light. This helps in reducing the strain on one’s eyes.

This is the first time that rumors about True Tone display tech coming to the iPhone have made the rounds. Up until now, we have only heard Apple switching to an OLED panel on the premium iPhone 8 Edition, with the other two iPhone variants sticking to an LCD panel due to short supply of OLED panels. Considering that the Night Shift functionality in iOS offers a functionality that is very similar to True Tone, it is unclear if Apple will end up bringing the tech to its new iPhones later this year.

Do you want to see Apple bring True Tone technology to its iPhone lineup this year?

[Via MacRumors]