Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Highlights Benefits of Globalisation In Speech at China Development Forum

Tim Cook, who is currently on a trip to China, gave a speech at the China Development Forum 2017 on topics ranging from globalisation, economics, and data privacy.

He particularly emphasised the benefits of globalisation in his speech amidst President Trump’s inclination on moving iPhone production back to the US and Apple opening two new R&D centers in China. He said that globalisation has led to some great developments across the world and further encouraged China to be more accepting of foreign investments and companies.

“The reality is countries that are closed, that isolate themselves, it’s not good for their people,” said Tim Cook.

Tim Cook also briefly talked about how important privacy of the data of its users is for Apple. He said that Apple believes a user should be in control of their data which is why encrypting it is a must to prevent it from being passed on to the hands of people with bad and malicious intentions. He did not talk in-depth on this matter because of its sensitive nature and how the Chinese government regulates all the internet activity in the region, though.

The tension between the United States and Chian has only continued to increase in recent times. Foxconn’s CEO, Terry Gou — one of the largest suppliers of Apple and biggest companies in China — had previously stated that if two of the largest economies in the world don’t get along peacefully “then everyone will be losers.”

[Via WSJ, Image Source Reuters]