ColorFlow 3 Adds a Splash of Color to Your Music Interface [Jailbreak Tweak]

colorflow 3

Just a few days back, we reviewed a tweak called ColorBanners 2 which colorizes your banner notifications based on the app icon’s dominant color. Now there’s a new jailbreak tweak called ColorFlow 3 that brings a similar concept to the music interface.

ColorFlow has been around since the days of the iOS 7 jailbreak and is a well-known tweak in the jailbreak community. ColorFlow 3 is the latest standalone version of ColorFlow that has been re-written from scratch for iOS 10.

This tweak adds a splash of color to the Now Playing interface in the Music app, Lock screen as well as Spotify app. What this tweak does is that it changes the color of the music interface based on the dominant color of the song’s album artwork.

colorflow 3

As an example, let’s say that the album artwork of the currently playing song is mostly colored red. The tweak detects this color and automatically changes the entire music interface to match this color. As mentioned earlier, it works with the Now Playing interface on the Lock screen, the stock Music app as well as Spotify.

The UI elements that are colored include the background, playback controls, sliders, text as well as Status bar icons.

ColorFlow 3 also comes with a dedicated preferences pane where you can choose the apps that should be colored as well as clear the cache in case the tweak mistakenly applies the wrong color.

The tweak is quite interesting in that it brings a dynamic look to the music interface for every song that is played on your iPhone. The best part is that the UI elements are colored in such a way that they blend in together very nicely.

ColorFlow 3 is available for purchase from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.99. If you own any previous versions of the tweak then you can grab this upgrade for just $0.99. Let us know what you think about this tweak in the comments below.