Facebook Messenger Adds Reactions and Mentions

Earlier this month, it was rumored that Facebook was planning on rolling out its Reactions into Facebook Messenger.

With Reactions, Messenger conversations would get even more emoji, with people in conversations being able to tap-and-hold on a specific message, then add an emoji that relates to how they feel about that message — without using any actual words.

Well, that day has arrived. Facebook has announced that Messenger now supports Reactions and Mentions. Specifically, users will be able to tap-and-hold on a message, and then select from the “love,” “smile,” “wow,” “sad,” “angry,” “yes,” and “no” emoji. Users will be able to see who reacted, and how they reacted, in the lower corner of the message.

Messenger now also supports Mentions, which, as the name suggests, allows users to directly notify someone that they’ve been mentioned in a conversation. The name will be highlighted, too, for easy visibility. Just type the “@” symbol in front of the person’s name you want to notify, and send.

The new features roll out beginning today, and will reach global availability in the coming days.

[via Facebook Newsroom]