Here’s Why iOS 10.3 Feels Snappier on Your iPhone or iPad


Yesterday, Apple dropped iOS 10.3 that comes with a number of new features and enhancements. Post the update, almost all iPhone and iPad owners have been noticing speed improvements on their devices.

The improvement in general performance and perceived smoothness is not due to the introduction of APFS, Apple’s new file system. While the new faster and more efficient file system does help speed up certain tasks, the improved overall system performance is due to the fact that Apple has tweaked many of the system animations in iOS 10.3. As revealed by Renaud Lienhart, Apple has tweaked many of the animations and shortened them which leads to a noticeable improvement in system performance and smoothness.

This does not mean that the switch to APFS, Apple’s new file system, will not help things though. In fact, the introduction of APFS should lead to heavy apps and games loading quickly post iOS 10.3 on most iPhones and iPads. It should also make copy-pasting and sharing files between apps faster than even before.

The switch to APFS, however, means that the first boot after updating to iOS 10.3 can take its own time, especially if your iPhone or iPad’s storage is filled to the brim with data.

Have you noticed the speed improvements in iOS 10.3 due to the shorter system animations and the new file system? Drop a comment and let us know!