Report Says iMessage App Store Starting Off Well, but Discovery May be Long-Term Issue

The iMessage App Store didn’t launch too long ago, and a new report from SensorTower suggests things are starting off well enough.

According to the data, SensorTower says that Apple’s iMessage App Store is seeing the development of apps at a faster rate than when the iOS App Store initially launched all those years ago. And, since then, adoption of those apps have gone very well, mostly due to the fact it’s a new platform, and people appear to be more willing to try out apps from a new segment.

However, being able to discover those apps may lead to long-term issues for Apple, as growth has already started to taper a bit.

“So far, nearly 5,000 apps have either added or launched with iMessage compatibility according to our App Intelligence data—a figure that equals the number of iOS apps released during the first year of the App Store back in 2008. But while the number of apps released for iOS continued to grow over time, we’re already seeing signs that the initial rush of excitement over iMessage apps is fading among developers.”

The proper iMessage App Store is not necessarily hidden within the Messages app, but it’s also not the easiest thing to find. Apple does promote the store in the iOS App Store, and apps that support iMessage apps will automatically update to support if the developers want to.

Have you installed a lot of iMessage apps?

Apple recently published an ad to promote Stickers in the iMessage app, so it looks like Apple is starting to market the feature a bit more.

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