iOS 10.3 vs iOS 10.2.1 Speed Test

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Apple yesterday released iOS 10.3 for compatible iPhone and iPads. Apart from a bunch of new features, the latest version of the OS also comes with tweaked system animations and APFS — Apple File System — that lead to a noticeable improvement in performance and smoothness.

But apart from the perceived system performance, does iOS 10.3 bring about any notable improvements in booting times or app loading? As per speed tests conducted by YouTuber iAppleBytesboot times have improved slightly on all iPhones on which the speed test was conducted — right from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6s. The faster boot times was more evident on the older iPhones, but even the iPhone 6s showed a few seconds improvements in its boot times.

As for app loading times, all the iPhones running iOS 10.3 did load apps faster, but the credit for that likely goes to the shorter system animations that also lead to a perceived improvement in system performance and smoothness. Lastly, in benchmarks, iOS 10.3 did not bring about any major improvements to performance, with the scores on all the devices being all over the place.

And if you think your iPhone or iPad is taking longer than before to boot after updating to iOS 10.3, its due to the new Apple File system. Since the conversion happens during the first boot after the update, it can take a long time. Subsequent boots, however, will be faster as shown in the videos above.

Have you noticed any major speed improvements in iOS 10.3? Drop a comment and let us know!