iPhone 6 With 32GB of Storage Now Available in Retail Stores in India


Earlier this month, Apple silently launched a 32GB iPhone 6 variant to replace the ageing 16GB iPhone 6 in some Asian markets. The company was primarily selling the new 32GB iPhone 6 in Asia through a handful of carriers and online stores back then albeit in limited quantities.

Now, in India at least, Apple has ‘relaunched’ the iPhone 6 with 32GB of storage. The handset will be available through all of the company’s official sales channel in the country, both offline and online. In fact, the 32GB iPhone 6 is already being sold in certain stores in Bengaluru with an MRP of Rs 30,700.

It’s interesting to see Apple quietly replacing the 16GB iPhone 6 variant with a 32GB one. The company had already received a fair share of criticism and was the butt of many jokes due to its decision to continue offering the base iPhone 6 and 6s variant with only 16GB of storage. Last year though, when Apple launched the iPhone 7, it also stopped selling the 16GB iPhone 6s and replaced it with a 32GB variant.

Apple’s decision to re-launch the iPhone 6 with 32GB of storage in India will allow it to better compete with other mid-range Android handsets in the country. The Asian smartphone market is very price sensitive and consumers were not particularly happy paying a premium to get their hands on a higher storage tier variant of the iPhone 6 previously. Now, by offering the base iPhone 6 variant with 32GB of storage, Apple is solving this issue for good.

Will you buy a 32GB iPhone 6 despite its age? Or will you prefer an Android smartphone like OnePlus 3T over it?

[Via Gadgets Now]