New iPhone 8 Concept Envisions a Siri-Powered Augmented Reality Future

There is no denying that augmented reality (AR) is a big deal for Apple, a technology that the company sees as a lucrative one.

What that means for an actual product, though, remains to be seen. Rumors have suggested that Apple will build AR technology and features into a future iPhone, with some aspects seeing the light of day in the forward-facing camera in the upcoming iPhone 8. Other rumors point to a standalone headset, or, even glasses that simply bring AR-based information to the eye without the need of a giant headset.

Whatever might happen, one designer has put together what an iPhone might look like with Siri-based AR right on the device. The images were shared to AppleInsider by designer Gabor Balogh, and they incorporate a Function Area below the main part of the OLED display rumored for the upcoming flagship iPhone. That area means that there will be contextual buttons to launch related apps.

In this vision of the future, the phone would by default show a translucent version of the area behind the device, using the rear camera. A user would be able to hold down the virtual Home button, which would make the background clear, bring up Siri, and allow the user to access a visual search. The example goes further to express that Siri would then be able to identify the user’s surroundings, including landmarks, and the Function Area would populate widgets to share that information through apps like the camera or Facebook.

Tapping on the Maps icon would bring up a quick way to navigate to that landmark that Siri identified.

Balogh’s concept incorporates a variety of different rumors that have surfaced regarding the upcoming iPhone 8 (or iPhone X, or iPhone Edition), including the 5.8-inch OLED display, the Function Area below the main part of the display, and augmented reality features. The most recent report suggested that the 3D Touch module in the upcoming device would cost much more than in previous iterations of the iPhone, which could force the price to rise as well. That would line up with other expectations that the iPhone 8 could start at $1,000 and get more expensive from there.

What do you think of these concept images?

[via AppleInsider]