Siri Rumored to Gain iCloud Integration and Contextual Learning in iOS 11

iOS 11, which will likely be unveiled at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference later this year, will introduce new features to the mix, and probably plenty of improvements for Apple’s digital personal assistant, Siri.

Based on a new report out of The Verifier, Siri will see two major improvements in 2017. Based on information “received directly from the development teams based in Israel and the U.S.,” the personal assistant’s codebase will get upgraded so that it can learn an individual user’s usage habits. On top of that, Siri will learn how to be contextually aware as well. This means that Siri will be able to keep track of what the user’s doing, handle multiple queries, and more.

On top of that, Siri will also get better integration into Apple TV and the Apple Watch, with significant upgrades to tvOS and watchOS. Apparently this means that Apple will also roll out a “smart clock” feature, but the report doesn’t dig into any real details in this regard.

There shouldn’t be any doubt that Apple will want to upgrade Siri in a big way this year, so while this information can’t be corroborated at this point, these types of new additions to the digital personal assistant don’t seem completely out of the realm of possibility.

[via MacRumors; The Verifier]