Spotify Reaches 50 Million Subscribers

Spotify has been in the streaming music game for quite awhile, with its number of paid subscribers growing on a steady basis.

Back in September of last year, Spotify confirmed that it had earned 40 million paid subscribers. Now, the streaming company has officially announced via its Twitter account that Spotify now has 50 million paid subscribers.

To compare, Apple confirmed it had reached 20 million subscribers in December of last year (and has recently echoed) for Apple Music. Barring a massive influx of new subscribers between then and now, it’s likely that Apple Music now has between 22 and 23 million paid subscribers.

As for what’s next, Spotify recently opened a very limited trial for Hi-Fi CD-quality lossless audio, the same standout feature for the streaming service Tidal. This would be an oft-requested feature joining Spotify’s service, even at a higher premium price.

Are you subscribed to Spotify?

[via @Spotify]