Swatch Developing a Standalone Smartwatch OS to Take on watchOS, Android Wear

Swatch has announced that it’s working on a new smartwatch operating system to take on the likes of Apple watchOS and Google’s Android Wear. The current scenario in the smartwatch industry is quite unique as companies are either merging with Google’s OS or just shutting down their plans altogether.

With this in mind, Swatch’s new idea is pretty bold and could prove to be a game-changer in the wearable industry. Swatch has mentioned that Tissot, which is one of the several watch brands that it owns, will bring out a smartwatch running its new OS in late 2018. Swatch CEO, Nick Hayek, mentioned that the priority was offering battery efficiency, which is crucial for prolonged usage of wearables.

Swatch has also mentioned that it has developed the world’s smallest Bluetooth chip to be used on smartwatches. Clearly, the company is ready to take on the likes of Apple and Google head-on in the smartwatch race. While Apple is undoubtedly more popular in the wearables industry, Google is trying to change things around with a new refresh dubbed Android Wear 2.0.

Richemont has announced the Montblanc Summit with Android Wear 2.0, set to retail for around $890 in May. So it will be interesting to see how Swatch’s new approach towards low-cost smartwatches will be treated by the market. We’re still some distance away from seeing this new wearable in action, so a lot could change by then.

What do you think about the watchmaker’s new idea? Would it strike a chord with wearable lovers?

[Via Bloomberg]