Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S8 Features We Would Like to See in iPhone 8

Samsung Galaxy S8 official

Samsung’s flagship for 2017 has been officially launched. And Samsung has really pushed the boundaries with some innovative features, especially when it comes to the hardware. It looks great, performed well and even comes with its own smart assistant. Here are the 5 features from the Galaxy S8 that we’d like to see in the iPhone 8.

Must readTop 5 Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

1. Bezel-Less Display

Yes, bezel-less is an exaggeration but the S8’s front is almost all display. And what a display. There are no visible bezels on the sides (which, by the way, are curved) and the top and bottom chin are tiny. So tiny in fact that you won’t even find the Samsung logo on the front. There are no physical buttons either.

We’ve been hearing the rumors about an edge-to-edge iPhone for more than a year now and we hope it comes true with the iPhone 8. The huge top and bottom bezels are starting to look comical now (even though they provide a lot of grip and space for components).

2. Virtual Home Button

The side effect of losing out on the physical home button is the new virtual, always on home button in the new Galaxy S8. It’s a 3D Touch like button that’s embedded in the bottom of the screen, right where the software home button is. But you can force touch on this part of the screen even when there’s no physical home button visible to go back to the home screen.

This is something we hope to see in the new iPhone 8 as well.

3. Wireless Charging

It seems like this is on our wish list for every single iPhone. With the iPhone 8 rumored to back to an all glass design, we can now hope that at least technically, Apple can include wireless charging on the next iPhone.

4. Fast Charging

Once you’ve used a phone with fast charging (like the OnePlus 3T), you really start to appreciate the technology. Even if the charging brick is huge and the battery is small, fast charging solves a big problem. You can just plug in for 5-10 minutes and get 50% charge, which is sometimes enough to last half a day.

We know that Apple’s always on a quest to make the iPhones thinner and lighter. If they decide to reduce the battery further, fast charging is one of the ways they can help us deal with the loss.

5. Iris and Face Scanning

The S8 comes with Note 7’s Iris Scanning feature built-in. But now there’s also a new face scanning feature. And from the first impressions, it seems to be really fast. Just put your phone up in a way that the camera can see your face and boom, it’s unlocked.

Iris and Face scanning is something we want to see in the iPhone 8 as well. With a bezel-less display, there’s going to be nowhere to put the Touch ID sensor (except the back of course). Iris and Face scanning technologies are not finally good enough to be the default way for unlocking the device. They’re both fast and secure.

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What Do You Want To See In The Next iPhone?

By now we’ve heard all sorts of crazy rumours about the iPhone 8, or iPhone X. What do you want to see in the next iPhone? Share with us in the comments below.