TSMC To Start Mass Production of Apple’s A11 Chip from April

iPhone 7 A10

Apple suppliers have started ramping production months before the phone’s scheduled unveiling, with TSMC reportedly preparing itself to start mass production of the A11 chip in April.

TSMC managed to secure the majority of the order share for Apple’s A10 Fusion chip that is used inside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and the company has reportedly secured the majority of orders for Apple’s A11 chip as well.

The A11 chips, which will power the upcoming iPhone series slated for launch in September 2017, will be built on a 10 nm FinFET process and packed with a wafer-level integrated fan-out (InFO) packaging technology, said the report.

Apple’s next chip will be based on the 10nm FinFET process making it more power efficient than the current A10 chip which is based on the 16nm FinFET process.

The chips will reportedly be packed using the wafer-level integrated fan-out (InFO) packaging technology. Apple had used TSMC’s InFO packaging technique for its A10 Fusion chip on the iPhone 7 as well, which made the whole package wafer thin.

A rumor had previously suggested that the next iPhone will offer even longer battery life than the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Considering the jump in the process node from 16nm to 10nm FinFET, this definitely seems possible.

Will you upgrade to an iPhone 8 if it comes with substantially better battery life than any of the previous iPhones?

[Via DigiTimes]