How Often do You Use the iMessage App Store?

One of the new additions to iOS 10 and iMessage was the iMessage Store. It probably wasn’t a big surprise that Apple figured out a way to not only outfit iMessage with a ton of other features that were already present in other messaging apps, but then to also monetize it.

Apple loves its services, and launching a new store, with plenty of new content to spruce up “boring texting,” is just another way to reap in the rewards.

That’s apparently what Apple foresaw, and, if a new report from SensorTower is any indication, it worked out just like they envisioned. At least, right out of the gate. That report suggests that apps for the iMessage App Store are being developed at a faster rate than initial apps for the iOS App Store when it initially launched so many years ago.

(It’s worth noting that apps were still an unknown quality back then. Whether or not apps would take off, especially in the way that they did, wasn’t guaranteed. Now apps are everywhere, so it isn’t shocking that a new App Store is seeing more developers creating things for it these days than nine years ago.)

So, with that being said, the report shows that the iMessage App Store took off for the company, and that people were more than willing to fork over some more money to get stickers and emoji in iMessage. We should have seen this coming though, right? Emoji are all over the place — Sony even has the Emoji movie coming out — and stickers seem like an interesting idea.

The sticker and emoji packs aren’t all that expensive, either. Well, depending on how much you’d wager 16 or so stickers should cost in a single pack. I can see why the iMessage App Store has taken off for Apple, but I can also see why that rate of adoption would taper out.

Getting to the iMessage App Store isn’t as easy as finding the iOS App Store. You’ve got to open iMessage, click on the “>” symbol next to the text entry box in a message, select the App Store icon, select the four dots at the bottom of the page that pops up, and then select “Store.” That’s four touches to get into the store. Or, alternatively, you could go into the iOS App Store, scroll way, way down, find the “App Store for iMessage” ad block, select that, and then wait for your iPhone to load up iMessages, open a message (the most recent one), and then open up the iMessage Store.

None of that is as easy as it should be, and most of it’s pretty dumb. I can also see it being a reason why someone might give up trying to get new sticker packs or emoji, even if they were all gung-ho for it at the start.

The iMessage App Store is not for me. I don’t use emoji or stickers. Except with one person. You can see that conversation just above. This person is the only friend I have where, more often than not, the conversation simply devolves into moving pictures, stickers, and emoji. I’m a fan of boring texting, so the majority of changes being brought to iMessage don’t interest me.

What about you, though? Are you an avid fan of the iMessage App Store? Or are these new additions lost on you, too?