11-Year-Old Spends $7,500 on In-App Purchases on iPad; Apple Offers Refund

An 11-year-old managed to spend almost $7,500 (£6,000) on in-app purchases on his iPad through his dad’s credit card that was linked to their iTunes family account. The kid managed to spend so much money over two weekends in just a matter of a few hours as he is only allowed to play on his iPad during the weekends. 

The kid, Alfie Dobson, has had earlier done microtransactions of 99p or £1.49, but he has had to always take permission from his parents for this.

As the poor dad of the kid, Roy Dobson from Chorley in Lancashire, explains, Alfie managed to spend £700 on microtransactions in just five minutes. He then proceeded to spend an additional £1,100 in another half an hour on the same game.

“It was just to get better in the game, there’s nothing to show for it, I didn’t even know you could buy things for £99.

“It’s scary. He said the game was that good he couldn’t stop, but he only thought he pressed it a few times.” – Alfie’s poor mom, Jill.

What did spending so much money get the kid in return? As per Alfie’s mum, Jill, the microtransactions only allowed the kid to get better in the game and “there’s nothing to show for it.”

Thankfully, for the Dobsons, Apple has agreed to refund them the whole amount.

The company already offers a bevy of options for parents to ensure that their kid is not able to make in-app transactions without their prior approval. This includes requiring a passcode/password for every transaction. Then, there is also the option of only allowing certain members of the family to make purchases. Now that their bank account was lighter by £6,000 for a few hours, it’s likely that the Dobsons will take their time to learn about these features from Apple.

[Via BBC]