Alleged iPhone 8 Mold and Diagram Shows Vertical Dual Rear Cameras

With the frequency of leaks regarding the oft-rumored iPhone 8, one might think we’re a lot closer to September than we actually are.

But here we are, another day and another leak to support plenty of rumors we’ve already heard. This time around we’ve got a few images posted to Twitter by Benjamin Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1), of which is an alleged mold of the iPhone 8, outfitted with a diagram of the said device as well.

That diagram shows us a cutout for a pair of cameras on the back, situated in a vertical fashion. In addition we can see what appears to be a Lightning connector at the bottom, as well as the Power button on the right side edge of the handset.

Meanwhile, the other images appear to be CNC-milled molds of the iPhone 8. Unfortunately there’s no telling if any of these are real, as is par for the course, but they do at least appear to corroborate plenty of previous rumors and reports surrounding the upcoming flagship iPhone.

[via 9to5Mac; @VenyaGeskin1)