Apple Announces LivePhotosKit JS API to Embed Live Photos in Websites

It’s been some time now since Apple launched Live Photos, a fun way to bring even more life to our photos.

And while sharing Live Photos from one iPhone (or iOS/macOS) device is easy enough, anything beyond that ecosystem is a bit more difficult. It has been getting better, of course, as companies other than Apple have worked to support the new photos. Especially Google, which has launched apps to support Live Photos in their own way.

Still, there’s room to grow. Apple has launched LivePhotosKit JS, which is a JavaScript-based API for developers that will allow them to directly embed Live Photos into a website:

“This new JavaScript-based API makes it easy to embed Live Photos on your websites. In addition to enabling Live Photos on iOS and macOS, you can now let users display their Live Photos on the web.”

While some websites and social networks have worked to support Live Photos, many still don’t, so there’s a possibility that this new API will make it a bit easier to see Live Photos throughout the web — and for folks to share them outside of the Apple ecosystem.

[via Apple]