Apple Releasing New iMacs With Faster Internals Later This Year For Pro Users

Apple has finally confirmed today that it is working on a redesigned Mac Pro with modular and upgradability in mind. That’s for next year though, and while Apple has given its existing Mac Pro lineup an ‘interim’ refresh, it is still not powerful enough for Pro users. In between all the talk about the Mac Pro though, Apple executives also hinted that the company wants to address some of the needs of its pro users with a faster and more powerful iMac.

Adding to that, Federighi confirmed that Apple will be launching new faster iMacs later this year. Their specs and features remain unknown for now. However, if the statements made by Federighi and Schiller are anything to go by, we should see a new iMac model with powerful internals meant specifically for prosumers.

Until the completely redesigned Mac Pro from Apple lands next year, a powerful iMac should be good enough to get the job done for most pro users out there.

What do you think? Will you upgrade to a new powerful iMac from your existing Mac Pro if it sports more powerful internals?