Bloomberg: Major iPhone Overhaul Coming This Year with Bezel-less Design, OLED Screen

iPhone 8 Function bar Concept

Corroborating previous reports and rumors, Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on the biggest iPhone overhaul on its tenth anniversary. The Cupertino company is planning on launching three new iPhones this year, with two of them being upgrades to the existing model. The third variant will a new top-of-the-line variant with a completely new look and features.

The third new variant will feature an OLED screen, curved glass, and a stainless steel chassis. Apple is also working on redesigning the camera setup for further improving its performance, and it is working on integrating the Touch ID sensor into the display itself, though it is unclear if the technology will be ready in time or not.

As per Bloomberg’s sources, the premium iPhone will sport a screen that is bigger than that of the iPhone 7 Plus but the bezel-less design will ensure that the handset’s dimensions are closer to that of the iPhone 7. To keep the size of the daevice in check, Apple will be using a software home button on the handset similar to what Samsung has done with the Galaxy S8.

This variant will also make use of an OLED display, with the other two variants sticking to a 4.7-inh and 5.5-inch LCD panel. Apple is still working on finalising the design of the handset so things are still constantly changing.

The latest prototype of the premium iPhone 8 featuring a symmetrical design and a slightly curved front and rear glass. The design is similar to the iPhone 4 from 2010. Contrary to rumors, the OLED screen itself is flat, with the cover glass having a curvature similar to the one seen on the iPhone 7. Apple’s suppliers have been unable to reliably produce curved glass with bigger curvatures, so the company is having to stick to subdued curves.

The report then goes on to reiterate a lot of stuff that we have already heard from previous leaks: a redesigned camera setup at the rear, 10nm based A11 chip for better performance and more efficiency, and more. For the front camera, the report notes that Apple plans on using a dual camera setup, with the sensors being sourced from Sony like the company has done in the past. The company is also exploring adding AR features to the iPhone’s camera system but nothing is confirmed on that front yet.

The third new iPhone variant that Apple plans on launching this year will probably be a technological breakthrough and completely reinvent the iPhone. However, due to the use of more complex components, the device will be in short supply for the first couple of months after it is announced this fall.

[Via Bloomberg]